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Conway 360° App


Conway's 360 App automates and simplifies meter reading activities, reducing manual intervention, and delivering accurate results. This noninvasive application automatically creates a snapshot of all networked devices in a matter of minutes. Encrypted usage data is sent directly to a secure Conway location, at predetermined intervals.


Benefits of the 360 App

The 360 App will automatically collect meter information from your networked devices, resulting in accurate billing. No more estimates or human errors, and best of all, no more typing up your staff with device identification and meter collection. The 360 App will be installed by certified Conway specialists, quickly and easily, with minimal involvement from your on-site IT department.

 NO COST - No hidden fees or administrative costs.

 Continuous monitoring of all devices on your network for uptime and meters.

 Automatic supply monitoring ensures that when toner reaches a certain level, it generates a courtesy email to you.

 Produce multiple reports with just one click - display both instant and historical data for easy analysis.


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